For Venues

We want to make Brighton a more fun and musical place and want to help bands to earn a good living from their music, as such we’re big fans of doing shows that are free for punters and paid by the venue. This year we have put on over 20 gig and events.

Open mics

we can host, promo, do sound, bring house guitar, keyboard and most importantly bring people. An open mic can run from 8-11. or any time/day you need a boost.

costs: £100 a night.

Film & Tv quiz

Unlike other pubs we offer a unique and engaging quiz. It has 50 questions and give 3 prizes. it has a new focus every week. Like Disney, friends, directors and magic.

costs: £100 hosting and preparation.

Costs: £50 prizes.

Music nights

We love free music and like it when venues and pubs offer free nights of music but pay for the acts themselves. Most acts are happy to play for a reasonable price but need something as playing is not free.

Costs: 3 acts : 30-45 mins: £100

Cost: Booking and poster design: £25

Cost: host, sound: if needed: £25

Stage rental

We can also manage your stage or venue. if you want to host free show or use it as a source of income.

Do I need a licence for music entertainment?

Whether a licence is needed for music entertainment will depend on the circumstances. A licence is not required to stage a performance of live music, or the playing of recorded music if:

  • it takes place between 8AM and 11PM; and
  • it takes place at an alcohol on-licensed premises; and
  • the audience is no more than 500 people

You also don’t need a licence:

  • to put on unamplified live music at any place between the same hours; or
  • to put on amplified live music at a workplace between the same hours and provided the audience is no more than 500 people.

Bands on tour

if you’re a tour manager or band and looking for support when in Brighton, we can help.

  • Local venues, to suit dates needed
  • local supports
  • local promotion

contact us if interested.