Congrats, you’ve been booked by Rocket Records, please read this FAQ and what we expect from you, so the show goes great and we can book you a lot more. A gig is a partnership between promotor and act but honestly even playing to five friends is much better than none.

In the last year i have put on around 100 free shows at venues like Mesmerist, Freemasons, Hare and hounds, Worlds end, The rock inn and of course Rum Kitchen. Every show is good musically as i only book people i love so they rock, but it’s brighton and you can easily have a great free show and only five people come. Bad turn out can make any show suck and it’s often down to effort, or lack of.

I am not a promoter that expects a crowd but if you have to try, some acts turn up five mins before you play, bring no-one, post it no where, play and leave a moment after your set, do you think that’s reasonable? i won’t book them ever again and i know i’m just a small promoter but we’ve given regular acts £1000’s over the years. I book Aimee iris as much as i can because she post like mad on instagram and films other acts and tags them and us in it too.


  • aim to bring 5 people to see you.
  • post the gig on instagram atleast 3 times.
  • post gig on your facebook page.
  • come at start of show and leave at end.

while i promo every gig, you’re followers are much more likely to attend than ours.


I almost always book 3-4 acts. if everyone bring five friends that’s 15-20 people and that’s enough to make a show good. If you like music and are sitting around, go to a free show, you’re friends will love it and need you. If we’ve booked you please put in some effort on promo, honestly if someone brought 10 people every-time they played i’d book them 3 time a week.


You’re followers on instagram want to hear from you and see you playing you should be posting 3 times every-time something happens, a gig, a recording. if you post too much people can stop following you.

  • Tag venue and host
  • 5 hashtags
  • canva for free artwork
  • mention cost
  • ask people to come
  • one post, many stories and one reel it can be an image series.

Example post:

‘Hi all, i’m playing Thursday in an awesome free showcase, hosted by @rocketrecords at The rum kitchen, please come along and make me happy.’ @rumkitchen #brightonmusicscene #brightonmusic #gigs #singersongwriter #freegigs


we can’t control much in life but we can control how we act. Come to shows you play when they start and leave at the end if able.