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Earning a living from music (solo acts)

If you want to be the next Taylor Swift, then it’s going to be a long road…

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Express posters

Here at Rocket Records we know posters in a venue are a powerful promotional tool and normally…

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Booked FAQ

So you’ve been booked by us for a show, here is some info and a FAQ, a…

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Free gigs Brighton

In our plans of helping bands make a living doing what they love. To help with this…

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Streaming management

In this day and age, an artist makes a good income from streaming, we are highly skilled…

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Ep2. How to get more gigs

These are tips i use to get shows. Use these 3 easy steps to get more shows.

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Bands i like

Other than the band we rep, this is 25 bands that are very good, local and keen…

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Chloe leigh

Is a fantastically under rated singer-songwriter from Brighton. She does a set of mostly original songs with…

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Be kind cadaver

Be Kind Cadaver are an electronic post-punk band from Sussex. The duo merge a shared passion for…

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Brighton-based fuzz merchants with a huge sound influenced by Grunge, Stoner Rock and Alt Rock. They formed…