At rocket records we know the difference between someone being a true artist, out there making money, is not playing gigs it’s having some great track, recorded and released. We always find it crazy that people don’t invest in themselves to bring things out. But also a lot of newer artists make mistakes, and spend a lot more than they should on a record that won’t give them a lot back.


How much is ok to pay? some studios are $1000 a day and they expect you to book a week, remember a record is like buying any asset, the more it cost, the more it has to make back. So just say you’re recording cost $5,000, with recording and mastering, artwork. It has to sell at least 200 copies at $25, and trust me no-one is buying at $25, maybe you can get 80% of $10, $8 per digital , but that is still. 625 copies.

$500 a day

we’ll record you for $500 a day, this pays for julius and his time, this is recorded at the upstairs of the john curtain hotel in the band room. The good thing about getting a release for $1000, including mastering is it’s only 125 copies. which is much better.

Julius per day: $500

Pony studio: $225

State library studio 2 : $100/8 weeks