Open mics/live music

If you want to have live music at you venue, an Open Mic night can be a very good option, for the low price of $150 we can run a night with the maximum of 6 performers doing a 20 min slot each. Once popular these night are a very cheap way to host live music, and they attract a high level of talent, as a lot of people want the exposure, practice and videos for social media.

Why hire us?

For 2 years in Brighton, UK, rocket records organized, over 50 open mic night. including a very popular band open mic night which included a pearl drumkit to use. we can do sound, handle equipment, host the event and use our online forms to organize acts.

Live music night

Instead of getting an open mic night which may not have enough acts, the venue might prefer to have a paid music night. This way they can promote, someone is playing. Different bands charge different amounts for the night, so please contact us with you’re budget between $250-1000 and we can organize, do sound, host, book the acts you want.