Open mic night

Open mics are good for promoters and gig bookers like us. We do a solo and duo one alternating every two weeks at the the Mesmerist (Brighton), In the last year Aimee iris, mai.haps, Misha mandy, Skylar herter, and more have played a Rocket Records open and the gone on to landing paid gigs from us and Mesmerist. This is the best way to audition for us, and get some practise. The event is now run by the awesome imogen bryant. Come and support her, and get a gig. The best performers will be invited to take part in our paid showcase.

Mesmerist: Solo and Duo.

  • 20 min slot ( 10 min set up and sound )
  • Two mics, stands, cords
  • House guitar, cappo and plecs
  • House keyboard
  • soundcraft 12 channel mixing desk.
  • no backing tracks
  • every fortnight. 7-10pm. 6 acts only, book if able.

Apply now.

solos and duos.