Artist of the week: Crystal Robins

When i was in a band in 2000, we played a lot and saved up money for or CD, which we did 500 copies of it, we didn’t have a website and getting noticed was hard. to say things are different now is an understatement but it’s great to see unsigned people on the hustle to get noticed.

Musically Crystal Robins is An Australian female singer song writer who plays folk music with a little country twang. She is often found doing live stream gigs, local shows and promoting her spotify. Right now she is unsigned artist who still has a regular release schedule, her new songs can be found on spotify.


Like the more savvy artists of the know it’s better to release more often an smaller releases than full albums once a year.

  • Wildfire EP 2021
  • Wildfire single 2021
  • So High single 2021


Based in Australia, Crystal still does quite a few free live strem shows. If you want to find some of her shows. Follow her on facebook to stay up to date

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