Get a good live demo for under £50

So you’re in a band and you want to start booking shows and getting paid, step one you need a track or two on Spotify. You could buy some recording time at the local studio but with this guide you can start recording all of the live gigs you perform, which is damn cool.

First thing is know anything in the mixing desk can be recorded. We used to play at the Arthouse and they had a massive 24 channel board and even clips for the snare and mics for amp, you maybe play at a pub and have a sound person provided or payed by you. If this is the case talk to them about doing a recording of your gig. You can record music and the video too.

Ask your sound mixer if they can record you, chance are they can and will do a great job for an extra £50, here how to do if you want to D.I.Y.

  1. Get the sound into your computer.

The tool you want to buy is called an AUDIO INTERFACE they are as cheap as £20 and act as a link between the mixing desk and a computer. The free computer program you want is AUDACITY, this can happily record the sound files. This records the sound as a single track or file and you’ll need to mix it in the desk. You can tweak the file but most of the work happens in the desk

2. Record film and sound separately

If you also want to do video, record the music and video separately. This way you can record the video with phone and rented equipment and later combine them, if you want to create a live demo, it’s very easy

3.Upload to streaming platforms

You need music that can be played easily and added to playlists. You can get unlimited tracks on all major platforms, and 100% royalty with DistroKid. They are very easy to use and cheap. If you can’t spend £50 pound on your own career, stop now.

This is one very easy and affordable way to get a live demo made, stay tuned for more on ow to get gigs, on playlists and more.

Author: admin