Making the most out of gigs

Recently i was offering some shows at £30 per set and in the future i may have around 6 paid slots to fill every week. Personally i think it’s awesome some pubs want to pay anything for original music and not a DJ or covers or sport. But more than a few acts gave me shit because it’s not enough money. it made me think the reason it’s low is also bands have no idea how to get the most out of a show and should be keen to play four times a week. Here is a quick checklist to make more money and more fans. Also a dollar off the ticket is crap compared to £30 clear, you struggle to get 30 payers in Brighton given the level of free gigs.

  1. If the show is free, ask organiser will there be tips. (cash and paypal QR code)
  2. ask organiser if they can run a raffle and be clear proceeds go to bands, i saw this the other night and many business will give good stuff for free if they get promotion. Ie free singing lesson, free bottle of wine, beers, signed albums.
  3. sell merch and albums( promote on stage)
  4. if no album give song for free in trade for mailing list sign up.
  5. record live, ask mixer before hand what is needed (bring blank usb)


Many bands are terrible a sales, but remember the average person’s wage is £24,000 they can spend a little no music.

Album: So, being a band is hard we make money via album sales, still even in 2022, so if you like my music, do buy an album. Even if you only listen to me on Spotify, you’ll know i have a good amount to record again. You can buy a digital album, that downloads to your phone and computer.

Sign-up: If you like my music and want to know when i’m playing again, please join my mailing list. You just scan the QR code have, put a name and an email, and you’ll get gig and recording updates. You’ll also get a digital copy of ___ as a gift.

Before gig checklist

  • Mailing list ( mailchimp)
  • facebook page (links to mail list)
  • try do a digital album (amazon will have one already if you’ve distor’d via ditto or distorkid)
  • ask to follow on spotify or facebook.

Remember: Selling music and getting follows on your mail list is your goal, you should jump at a paying gig and try build a fan base and money for more recording.

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