We run two shows right now. The first is very music heavy and thus through the Anchor Spotify system and through our new deal with BHCR, it is also a radio show which will be available on BHCR community radio. So the bands i play will be licenced and paid under that.

We also do ‘Running Rocket records” which will be everywhere you get podcasts and also as a Youtube audiogram.

Running Rocket records: This is an 30-40 min weekly podcast where i talk about running my record label on a shoestring budget. I talk about what works and what doesn’t in music promotion and i highlight great music from our own playlists and signed bands. If you want to make more money as a band, run your own label or just like indy music, this is for you.

Brighton Music showcase: Every week we feature our top ten from the Brighton music discovery playlist, this is an open list you can add your songs to. We got through the list every week and play ten we like. Music is folk, rock, indy, singer-song writer and more. This is a free way for Brighton bands to get more plays and notice.

Right now it will also be played on BHCR, but we want to do deal with large radio stations and get a wider audience.

Get played: You can either add your tracks to our playlist, or send us the link via email. We prefer a link to Soundcloud or an MP3 file.

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