Sending multitracks to a studio

So recently i’m learning to mix in protools and have ask people i know for some tracks and i thought i’d talk about what a multi-track is. If you have recorded at home, at a studio or live you might want to send it to someone to mix. They can compress, EQ, add reverb, other instruments and export as Spotify files.

How big?

A multitrack can be as small as one track (everything) or just 2 (guitar and vocal) or as big as 150 tracks, and have 20 backing vocals or more. A good mixer can make even one track better, by adding compression, altering the volume, adding effects if wanted. With Protools you can add effects and EQ to sections of track, so you could boost talking only.

what format?

if you send the file as a .wav it can be used in most programs, many people have Macs and use Logic.

Author: admin