Streaming management

In this day and age, an artist makes a good income from streaming, we are highly skilled at turning a low number into a big one and making the most out of platforms like Spotify. If you get 100,000 streams a song, that’s around $400, which pays for production. What we have learned is it’s better to aim for song based plays rather than high number. Our artist Hannah Jennifer has gotten 207,000 since Jan, which is around $688.

How to increase plays

  • Paid playlist placement
  • pitch to spotify playlists
  • social ad’s and organic

Hannah Jennifer:

before our work Hannah was gaining less than 1,000 plays, now she has 30k a month and has 200k in total.


We charge 50% and we will turn your 1,000 into 100,000, we charge this much as we spend quite a bit getting playlist placement, paying for ads and more. Still would you rather 50% of 100k or 100% of 1k?

Playlist placement:

Getting placement in popular playlist is pivotal and can be very time consuming. A band or artist can waste many hours, seeking these lists and emailing the curators. We do this for you and use the ones we know work.

Song pitching:

To get a song that really break the net you need to get it into spotify playlists. A good example would be “Acoustic covers” has 3.7 million likes, when you release a new song, you must pre-release and give the release a few weeks and then pitch via Spotify for artists. We do this for you.

Social ads:

We do video ads for facebook. Insta, and TikTok.

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