Cassette tapes are rad and a cool thing about 2022 is they are getting more and more popular. We offer a bespoke, British made, recycled cassette tape for bands in small amounts from 5-100. One reason they rule is they serve as a fun and affordable way to buy an album and with a download QR inside they also can be sold to people without a tape player. We need to live in a world where people need to pay the same for music as coffee, beer and food. Don’t be afraid to ask £10-15 for an album. We say £10 whatever you charge for the digital version. We offer and black and clear case and one page colour cover.


  • 95% recycled (not tape)
  • Four colour options
  • British made, Fairtrade.
  • QR download code included.
  • Free pre-order page
  • Lyrics page
  • Recycled paper case inc
  • free sales page


1-5: £10

5-10: £7

10 +: £5

.No one has a CD player, not be afraid to push tapes instead. QR download codes included free. QR code linked to local records landing page.

Case and cover

A black and clear case is included and a full color printed cover. This is 105 mm by 135mm. and gets folded in half.

Once your form is submit we’ll get in touch to discuss artwork, files and lyrics. We’ll also send a paypal invoice. Job must be paid in advance, lead time is around 14 days.

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